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CCTV Standards - 2018

CCTV Drain
Standards 2018

Since the formal partnership with Thornby Associates and the NADC was completed in 2017 both the NADC & TA has been working towards developing relationships with various property organisations including the Residential Property Surveyors Association, the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and more recently Local Authority Building Control and Property Mark.

The RPSA has already confirmed the NADC certified members will be the appointed contractors for Home Buyers Drainage Surveys across the UK and we are working closely with the RICS to ensure that all HBDS are only carried out by NADC certified surveyors. 

The RICS have asked us to speak at a number of CPD events around the UK starting on November this year and have also requested a CPD Webcast for their members to promote HBDS. We are also working to produce a number of articles for RICS Journals for the same reason.

We are also in talks with LABC to ensure that all Pre & Post conditional build-over surveys for home extensions are also carried out by certified NADC surveyors. As you are all aware thousands of these building projects are carried out every year without a CCTV survey being carried out at all, were working to change that.

Needless to say these organisations have insisted that a certain criteria is met by all NADC surveyors which will ensure that the quality and standard of the reports produced meets their requirements.  It is critical that we all maintain our survey reports to their specification.

In an effort to satisfy these requirements we have completed an example survey report which satisfies their requirements, we are now advising ALL members to ensure that these standards are met in full on every CCTV survey report produced.

As you know this represents increased demand for thousands of additional CCTV surveys nationwide which will in turn generate a huge increase in repair works which again should only be carried out by certified contractors.

The NADC can only work towards these goals on behalf of our members if all of us adhere to the quality and standards requested by these agencies, failure to maintain these standards will only hinder and prevent future co-operation from theses organisations.

It is estimated that Home Buyers Drainage Surveys (once they become mandatory) will generate in excess of £75 Million in CCTV surveys alone.

The average cost of a CCTV survey for a 3 Bed property is £250-300+vat, higher costs are incurred for larger proerties - Please see details on the Home Buyers Drainage Surveys page of this site. 

This figure does NOT include Pre & Post Build-Over Surveys, this could potentially double demand to £150 Million each year as each property will need to be surveyed twice.

Key Fact:
There were 1,219,000 property transactions in the UK in 2014 worth £303BN

Moving Forward:

Once the NADC secures Home Buyers Drainage Surveys and Build-Over Surveys as part of the home buying / extending process we can then proceed to try and secure the same for both commercial and industrial properties. As you can well imagine this will generate vast increases in contractor revenue but can only be achieved once we have proved and demonstrated our professionalism in the domestic market place. Certification and standards are key to the success of these ventures.

Home Buyers Drainage Surveys and Build-Over surveys are the just the starting point but it is essential that all certified contractors ensure that these very reasonable standards are adhered to at all times.

We are also in talks with APHC, CIPHE  and BPCA, we are building new relationships with these organisations to help promote NADC certified contractors, in time we trust that the NADC brand will be as widely recognised as Gas Safe, Chas and Safe Contractor.  

To ensure this takes place allot of the work required is already well underway, but again this can only be achieved with the full support and co-operation of our members. Meetings are planned with the British Pest Control Association for later this month ( June 2018 )  the plan is to ensure that members of BPCA use our members for Vermin Investigation surveys, we in turn are advising our members to only use members of the BPCA.

Professional recognition of this industry is long over-due, allot of work has already been completed by the NADC / National Drainage Academy & Thornby Associates but industry co-operation and support is critical to it's success.

Please download the PDF document  at the very bottom of this page, study it in detail and take what ever measures are required to ensure that you're CCTV reports are of the same standard and include the 3 items listed below.

28 June 2018

As you can clearly see from the example survey report below these organisations are simply asking for the following three documents in each report provided:

1. CCTV Report - must be MSCC compliant
2. Site Diagram - must include key
3. Surveyors Certification Documents

This should also be accompanied by your remedial report and quotation for any works required.

We trust that the information provided on this page demonstrates the work we are doing on your behalf, the willingness of our members to work with us is without doubt encouraging and we will of course continue to work on your behalf to ensure that the certified national network of NADC members benefits from membership and certification.

This is just the "tip of the iceburg" and going forward there is great deal more to follow in the coming months !

Martin Beattie
Vice Chairman

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