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Connect Right


ConnectRight is the public face of the National Misconnections Strategy Group.  It’s a partnership of organisations who are working to reduce water pollution from misconnected drains and sewers.  The partners include the Environment Agency, all UK Water companies, the Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering, Consumer Council for Water and the government (Department for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs) amongst others.

Drainage contractors have a key role to play in helping resolve this significant pollution problem as they can identify misconnections through their day to day work.

Misconnected drains pollute local streams, rivers and beaches, damage wildlife and put our health at risk.  The NMSG is working to reduce the number of misconnected properties in the UK and address other types of pollution from sewers and drains.

The campaign aims to reduce water pollution by:

    • raising awareness and understanding of/about misconnections, sewers and drains and the environmental problems that they cause 
    • helping property owners and professionals to check drainage connections and take action 
    • ensuring new drainage is connected right 
    • helping to develop and support effective practice, policy and regulation
    • sharing information and evidence about the problem and supporting research and development of long term solutions

The ConnectRight website has further information about the partnership, water pollution and information for professionals with an interest in misconnections.


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