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Fixing drainage problems is easy for the industry - but it is an experience fraught with worry and financial burden for our customers.  So giving the consumer absolute piece of the mind that the person in front of them is sufficiently qualified to do the job at hand is everything.

Therefore, training and certification goes to the very heart of what the NADC is about.

NADC is also dedicated to raising industry standards and has created a network of centres across the UK and Ireland to make these standards as accessible as possible - wherever you are.

For more information on Energy and Utility Skills certified training courses and the centres across the UK - please visit:



                                        Warrington, Barnsley & Bristol

                     CCTV-High Pressure Jetting & Electro- Mechanical & Milling

                               To book go to:  http://www.sentina.co.uk/training/


                    CCTV Training Bridgwater Somerset

                         To Book: please call 01752 358142 or email info@viewline.tv



                                                                   Rainham Essex

                                CCTV-High Pressure Jetting & Electro- Mechanical & Milling.

                        For HPWJ Contact & Elec-Mech – contact Peter - 07956 187 339

                       For CCTV -Email training@drainageconsultingservices.com 

                                                         Or call Martin -07531 239 372


                                        N.A.D.C. Scotland

     Electromechanical and milling safety awareness- Drainage High Pressure Water Jetting, 

                                        Certified Drainage Surveyor, Confined spaces.


                                   Tel: 0845 490 0011 E-mail:  m.duffy@damm-24.com




                                  High Pressure Water Jetting - Basic Awareness Course

                                                Certified Drainage Surveyor Course

                            Electromechanical and Milling Safety Awareness Course

                        To book contact Danny on 01 4635000 or Email:  sales@utsltd.ie




N.A.D.C., The Old Rectory, Church Lane, Thornby, Northamptonshire, NN6 8SN, United Kingdom - Show on map - Email : info@nadc.org.uk - Sales Tel : 0800 0933 507
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