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Training Course Dates 2019/2020



     CCTV Courses In Bridgwater, Somerset




                     28th - 29th November

                     19th - 20th December


                      23rd -24th Jan 2020

                                20th - 21st Feb 2020

                                 26th - 27th Mar 2020

To Book: please call 01752 358142 or email info@viewline.tv


     Warrington Training centre

Certified Drainage Surveyor    -      Date to be Announced   

High pressure jetting             -      22nd January 2020  

Electro- Mechanical & Milling   -      21st January  2020


To book go to:  http://www.sentina.co.uk/training/

                  New venue

          Source 1 Environmental


Electro Machanical     -    Date to be Announced    

High pressure jetting  -    Date to be Announced   

CDS                         -    10th & 11th December

To book go to:  http://www.sentina.co.uk/training/


         Bristol Training Centre


 Electro- Mechanical    -   Date to be Announced 

High pressure jetting  -    Date to be Announced 

 To book go to:  http://www.sentina.co.uk/training/


     Courses in Essex

          HPWJ & Electro Mech

HPWJ      -          11th Jan 2020

Electro- Mech  -  Date to be Announced

To Book please HPWJ & Electro-Mech:

Email   draintrainingdirect@gmail.com

Or Phone Peter - 07956 187 339


    February 2020

To Book CCTV Training: 

Email training@drainageconsultingservices.com 

Or Phone Martin -07531 239 372

     Courses at NADC Scotland

DECEMBER – 9th HPWJ/ 10th ELECTRO/ 11th + 12th  CCTV/



January   - 20th - 24th HPWJ, CS1, CDS, ELECTROMECH

February   - 10th - 14th HPWJ, CS1, CDS, ELECTROMECH

March      -  9th - 13th HPWJ, CS1, CDS, ELECTROMECH

April         - 13th - 17th HPWJ, CS1, CDS, ELECTROMECH

To Book Email M.Duffy@damm-24.com


      Courses in Ireland

High Pressure Jetting -    Date to be Announced

Electro- Mech & Milling  -  Date to be Announced

CCTV            -                Date to be Announced

To book  contact Danny on 01 4635000 or sales@utsltd.ie

    Course Info

HPWJ is a one day course.

CCTV is a two day course. to do this course you will need a copy of Manual of Sewer Condition Classification 5th Edition,

this can be obtained from WRc Bookshop.

Electro-Mechanical is a one day course.

If you require any more information about any of these courses please phone 08000 933507 or email info@nadc.org.uk   



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