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Training & Certification ? is it worth the cost ?

Posted on Thursday, 01 November 2018 09:56AM by

Dear Sewermen (and Sewerwomen)


I am often asked if training and certification is worth the cost ? Well, only you the contractor, can really answer that question.


As you know the PUWER Regulations (Health and Safety Act) state that everyone should be trained, and in some cases supervised, when using work place equipment. This applies to HPWJ, Electro-Mech machines, Tanker Trucks etc.


I am often asked about the cost of training, as many feel that it's really not worth the money. But EasyJet's owner Stelios Haji-Ioannou once stated " if you think health and safety is expensive...........try an accident "


So in answer to these questions I thought I'd post this thread leading to the following link:




The NADC's certification scheme was put together by industry professionals so that other industry professionals like yourselves could finally obtain recognised certification in each of our industries disciplines - several of which are listed as follows:



Electro-Mech & Drain Milling


Confined Space

Excavation & Repair

Drain Mapping

Vacuum Tanker Operation

Pump Station Servicing


More industry specific courses are currently under development.


The NADC has now been established for 8 years and work will continue to ensure that our ever growing number of members across the UK and Ireland get the best opportunities, professional representation and access to certification.


In summary, training and certification is tax deductible, so you can train every member of your engineering staff (and in some cases office based can benefit from certification) at a reasonable cost. CCTV is particular is a favourite with some contractors.


Some say that training is an investment and not a cost, a view I whole-heartedly agree with.


Don't delay, visit the all new www.nationaldrainageacademy.co.uk web site to find trainers and courses in your area and get certified.


The NADC's doors are open to ALL drainage contractors, why not get on board,


Many thanks,


Martin Beattie

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