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The National Association of Drainage Contractors (NADC) is the only trade body that represents the interests of Certified Drainage Contractors. The Association is made up of 

people actively working in the industry and has the interests of the drainage contracting industry at the heart of its DNA.

The NADC is a not for profit organisation. This means there are no shareholders to pay dividends to and all funds raised through membership fees are dedicated to moving the 

NADC forward and promoting the industry.


So, what do we do today?


  • We promote high-standards for the drainage contracting industry as a way of serving members interests and gaining key stakeholder recognition.
  • We provide training and certification, approved by EU skills, throughout the UK.
  • We generate neWe promote NADC and its members and in particular drainage surveys to important stakeholders.  We do this by exhibiting and presenting at surveyor and estate agent events and networking with conveyancers, mortgage lenders, water companies and other relevant industries. This all helps to drive up traffic to the NADC website.
  • we business for members through on-line lead generation on the NADC website and through third parties
  • We build awareness with consumers of the benefits of engaging with certified drainage contractors
  • We have a clear set of policies on which we lobby on behalf of the Independent sector.
  • We provide a range of attractive benefits for NADC members
  • We offer advice and help for NADC members, whether on job-related issues, changes to regulations or perhaps more routine things such as personnel issues.
  • We are proactive in promoting important agendas such as:



o   Making drainage surveys an inherent part of the home buying process.

o   Making NADC membership a prerequisite for tenders from major institutions.


  • We have a Management Board that includes highly reputed industry experts.
  • We offer training courses throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland that are all EU skills approved. We have a Trainers Committee that meets regularly to ensure all training is fit for purpose for our members.
  • We issue press releases on topical issues and to promote our members.
  • We issue regular newsletters and bulletins.
  • We offer free advertising for our supplier members.



What are we planning to do next?


  • We will continue to expand the range and availability of NADC Training courses.
  • We will launch the DrainSafe quality mark and Approved Contractor scheme in 2019 which will become the recognised industry standard and will be for NADC members only.   
  • We will actively engage with all relevant stakeholders to promote the DrainSafe quality mark and the standards it sets for our industry.
  • We will invite NADC members to sign up to these standards and in so doing join the newly created Approved Contractor scheme that will be recognised by important stakeholders.
  • We will launch a new NADC website through which NADC members will receive even greater lead generation
  • We will launch a new DrainSafe website through which NADC members will benefit greatly from lead generation through the Approved Contractor scheme
  • We will expand the range of membership benefits available through preferred suppliers


Anything else?


  • We will continue to work tirelessly for the industry.
  • We are a nice bunch of people!




             To join please email info@nadc.org.uk or phone 08000 933 507





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